Create interactive prototypes yourself! June, 9-11 2010

Waag Society and Citilab-Cornellà, in collaboration with the international FabLab community, host a design workshop on interaction for children in which the attendees of the 9th IDC conference (International Conference on Interaction Design and Children, Barcelona, Spain, June 9 -11 2010) experiment with prototyping. Prototyping can be seen as a provocative methodology that stimulates creativity and a means to encounter new research questions. Prototyping as integral part of the design process helps designers, researchers and other experts to develop new relations with and perspectives on their subject. Creating prototypes by an interdisciplinary team, rather than outsourced to a design and/or technical team, has a substantial effect on the process and on the end results of development projects.


The workshop Designing Tangibles for Children aims to illustrate the role of prototyping as a strong design methodology. The workshop will bring together experts in the field of design and education for children in a hands-on design session, assisted by a team of (interaction) designers. Prototyping as integral part of the design process helps designers, researchers and other experts to develop new perspectives on a subject. Prototyping stimulates creativity and triggers new research questions. Context of the workshop is the importance of physical play in the development of children. Participants will work in interdisciplinary teams and produce a number of tangible, interactive prototypes geared at children, aged 6 to 8. The workshop is part of the 9th IDC conference.

Workshopping at Fablab Amsterdam

Stop talking and start creating!

The workshop is open for designers, researchers, technologists, scientists, and artists. No specific skills are required. Participants will work in interdisciplinary teams, but we also encourage people to step out of their regular roles and take on an interdisciplinary role themselves. For example, the academic researcher will construct paper prototypes and/or solder interactive demonstrators.

The workshop is organised by Amsterdam based Media Lab Waag Society, Barcelona-based innovation center Citlilab-Cornellá and the international Fablab community. Max 20 participants of various backgrounds will be selected by means of a position paper.

Submission deadline: April, 8th, 2010. Notification: May, 8th, 2010. For more information on the organisers please check:

For more information contact Dick van Dijk at dick [at]