The workshop Designing Tangibles for Children is organised for the 9th IDC conference. The workshop aims to illustrate the role of prototyping as a strong design methodology. The workshop will bring together experts in the field of design and education for children in a hands-on design session, assisted by a team of (interaction) designers. Prototyping as integral part of the design process helps designers, researchers and other experts to develop new perspectives on a subject. Prototyping stimulates creativity and triggers new research questions. Creating prototypes by an interdisciplinary team, rather than outsourced to a design and/or technical team, has a substantial effect on the end result of development projects. Context of the workshop is the importance of physical play in the development of children.

The IDC 2010 9th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children is held in Barcelona, Spain, on June 9 -11 2010. The general goals of the 2010 conference will be to better understand children’s needs, and how to design for them, by presenting and discussing the most innovative research in the field of interaction design for children, by exhibiting the most recent developments in design and design methodologies, and by gathering the leading minds in the field of interaction design for children. In this specific edition the focus will be “Full-body Interaction for Children.To enhance physical, mental and social well-being of Children”.

Prototype playing with light and sound

Prototype for sensory play


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